Fertőrákos is a protractedly streched village on the shore of lake Fertő 8 km from the city Sopron. History of our village originates in the 12th century. The special situation among the settlements around Sopron of the village is determined by the circumstance that it always had been property of the bishop of Győr. The life of the inhabitants was always influenced by quarrying which based upon the easy-workable chalk-stone. Many buildings if sopron and the nearby Vienna were made of this building material. The perpetuator of this hard work is the Stone-pit with its amazing dimensions.

The declivous landscape helped the shaping of viticulture affect of the numerousity of its plots of ideal location and the climate-regulating affect of the lake Fertő. Some buildings, sculptures, the bishop place, the baroque style church, the pillory and the remains of the city walls remind of the long-gone ages.